Thursday, September 23, 2004

More than 20.000 Medgulls presently in the Po Delta

Hi all. Yesterday morning 22 august 2004 there were about 20.000 Mediterranenan Gulls in the Scardovary bay, Po Delta, NE Italy (counted by Adriano Talamelli, Alessio Farioli and Menotti Passarella). Many of them were unringed, so we suspect they are coming from the eastern populations. Minor numbers are present in both the salinas of the Delta, Cervia and Comacchio, spending the night there. Yesterday night a Mediterranean Gull with a black ring was caught during ringing activities at the Comacchio salina; it had been ringed as chick in 2002 in Ukraine with black ring and an Italian metal ring. During checking activities the black ring fall down broken, so a new blue one had been put . This recovery would confirm the eastern origin of the Medgulls wich are present with so huge numbers in the Po Delta for the first time. Normally good numbers of birds are typic for the month of August, while in September they are dramatically decreased and in winter there are only few birds.

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