Sunday, July 18, 2004

Lesser Kestrel

The Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni is a globally threatened species classified as vulnerable. It has shown major population declines in large parts of its western Palearctic breeding range and has disappeared from several countries where it bred until recently. The western Palearctic population (Europe and North Africa) was estimated to be 10,000–17,000 pairs in 1994. According to a census carried out in 1994, in Italy three separate populations can be identified: Sicily (320 pairs, decreasing), Sardinia (c.100 pairs, decreasing) and Apulia-Basilicata (500–1,000 pairs, increasing/fluctuating, of which 260 pairs are regularly breeding in the town of Matera.). Immature Lessere Kestrel were recorded recently in NE Italy too, with also two breeding records, one of wich in the Po Delta in 2003.


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